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Looking for cost effective & accountable digital marketing services?

We provide cost effective digital marketing services and digital branding services, targeting your business growth. We provide your business with the much needed marketing skills and senior marketing leadership.

Our digital marketing services encompass all your marketing needs like digital brand strategy & design, brand awareness, traffic generation, lead generation, customer acquisition, content generation, and social media marketing.

Not only that, we also provide customer lifecycle management services that would help you not just retain your precious customers but also generate a loyal customer base.

More importantly, we become your digital marketing partner and in taking full ownership & accountability of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Brand Strategy

We dig deeper to formulate your digital brand strategy so that your branding and brand story is both engaging & effective for your target audience.

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We believe that a strong foundation of a winning digital brand strategy at an early stage is critical for any startup business. It paves the way for a more engaging and emersive experience that customers have with your brand.

We dig a little deeper to understand your brand along with understanding your target market, their needs, your competition, your offering, and its uniqueness. This leads us to form a robust digital brand strategy including a strong proposition, brand positioning, tone of voice and brand designs.

We will also write a compelling brand story to be told to your target market, a story around the who, why, what, and how of your brand.

After all, a strong brand helps to differentiate your product/ service in a highly competitive & cluttered market.

Social Media Marketing

We focus on integrated social media marketing across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, others.

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We take care of complete social media strategy and management of your social media marketing campaigns. We follow an integrated approach across the various social media channels to deliver a multiplier effect.

We believe that social media marketing is very important for achieving engagement, brand building and traffic generation goals. To achieve this we recommend a persistent effort and long-term commitment on social media marketing.

We manage social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, others.

We create content that is tailored to the context & nature of each social media marketing platform.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

We will manage your customers’ lifecycle with customer engagement campaigns & loyalty marketing.

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As much as we focus on customer acquisition, it is equally or probably more important to focus on customer retention. It’s definitely more profitable to retain existing customers than acquiring new ones. 

We draw a complete customer engagement & retention strategy for your business. We also plan customer engagement campaigns and customer rewards programs. We plan and implement customer lifecycle management campaigns using channels like email, SMS & app notifications.

This helps not just in customer retention, but also in generating customer loyalty. Engaged and loyal customers go a long way in becoming your brand advocates and making your business profitable. 


Paid Media

We focus on driving ROI on paid media advertising like Google Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, others.

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We strongly recommend paid media digital marketing campaigns as a route to gain some early traction on your business growth objectives such as traffic generation, lead generation, customer acquisition & revenue generation.

At the same time we also understand that startup and small businesses operate on tight finances. We focus on a ROI driven approach for paid media advertising. Our simple approach of first-test-then-scale ensures that we delivery value on every marketing dollar spent by your business.

We focus on paid media like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, others. The media mix is decided based on your digital marketing campaign goals, budgets and your target audience profile.

We follow a stringent results driven approach on digital paid media advertising.


Content Marketing

We focus on creating high quality content for your products & services. We write blogs, produce eBooks, buying guides, infographics, eNewsletters, video content, branded content.

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We keep content at the centre stage of the overall digital marketing strategy. High quality content not just attract and engage users, but also helps on SEO front. Content marketing plays a critical role at all stages of your customer funnel – in attracting, engaging, converting and finally creating loyal customers.

We create high quality and engaging content around your products/service for social media consumption, around your brand story and the industry you operate in.

We produce content in the form of blogs, eBooks, eNewsletters, inforgraphics, buyers guide, video content and even branded content. The topic, nature & form of content is decided based on our understanding of your product/service and your target audience.

For content marketing to be successful, we focus not just on content creation, but also on content distribution strategy and promotion.

We believe in and recommend a persistent approach to content creation & content marketing.

Email Marketing

We help you in optimising your email marketing campaigns & nurturing your email database.

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We believe that email marketing is a critical component of digital marketing campaigns.

We do end-to-end management of your email campaigns, right from segmentation to email delivery to campaign optimisation to email campaigns analytics. We also design your email creative effectively, to achieve the campaign objectives.

We will also give recommendations on building your email database, updating & cleaning and managing email campaign permissions/opt-ins.

Email marketing campaigns will be used for customer engagement, for upselling/ cross selling, and for other objectives.


DigitalCMOpro is a results driven digital marketing partner for startups & small businesses.

We strive to deliver ROI on every dollar spent on marketing, in growing your business.

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